I’m not a writer. I’m barely a programmer. What am I doing?

I bought my own domain and slice of internet a while ago and until now it’s been a vacant lot. I keep getting charged for it. I guess I figured I’d try to build something. I doubt it’ll ever touch the sky but my focus here is on process and not the product. That’s why this blog is mainly for myself, a journal of learning, but others are certainly welcome. Except you, TROLLS…

I was recently inspired by a blog article I read, Always Be Coding by David Byttow. Read it. I don’t even know why you’re reading my blog. Just read his. But if you’re staying, thanks for the pity. TL;DR: Always be coding.

The more you code, the better you’ll get — it’s that simple. By coding, you’re practicing. But the best practice is focused practice. Have goals in mind, explore new areas, and challenge yourself.

It sounds obvious, right? The more you do anything, the better you’ll get. Sometimes it just needs to be said and repeated and then written in your very first blog post.

This blog is a promise to myself to recommit to coding. To strengthen my foundation and reinforce fundamentals. To learn what all the cool kids are learning these days so that one day I can be a cool kid too. And lastly and most importantly, to be a programmer and not just call myself one. Ideally, I aim to make one technical blog post a week about necessary front-end development skills — HTML, CSS, JavaScript — and foundations of computer science, like data structures and algorithms. I’ll do my best to live up to my ideals but life or the occasional video game may get in the way.

Anyway, this short little post took me way too long to write. Hopefully, the words and thoughts will flow faster as I do more these. The hardest part is starting. And now I’ve begun.