Notes Part 2: “Functional Programming In Javascript” By Luis Atencio

Nov 4th, 2017 Thoughts.Random() Kerry 2 min read

Continued from Part 1. 3. Few data structures, many operations Control flow “On the other hand, declarative programs, specifically functional ones, raise the level of abstraction by using a minimally structured flow made up of independent black- box operations that connect in a simple topology.Method chaining” Separate control flow from computational logic, i.e. branches and iterations reduced or eliminated in favor of high-level abstractions Method…

Notes Part 1: “Functional Programming In Javascript” By Luis Atencio

Oct 26th, 2017 Thoughts.Random() Kerry 3 min read

I’ve started reading the book Functional Programming In Javascript by Luis Atencio and figured it’d be a good idea to take some notes. Might as well keep them here ^_^ 1.1 What is functional programming (FP)? “Abstract control flows and operations on data with functions to avoid side effects and reduce mutation of state” Fundamental concepts Declarative Easy to reason about Improves readability Pure functions Only…

TIL Relative Margin & Padding Are Calculated From the Parent’s Width!

Sep 6th, 2017 #TIL, CSS Kerry 1 min read

The learning is coming fast & furious these days. I’m only on my sixth TIL post though so Vin Diesel’s still got me by two movies and two billion dollars if I’m rounding up. This one’s a quickie! And totally makes sense but I never use CSS much these days and if I do it’s usually a CSS framework. Like the title says, Relative margin…

TIL I Can Control .history

Sep 1st, 2017 #TIL, JavaScript, ReactJS Kerry 2 min read

Lots of turmoil and heated debate in the US surrounding history and who we immortalize in marble and bronze. Fortunately this blog is neither Politico or Fox News and you don’t have to hear me weigh in. The history that I’m talking about is **drumroll** browser history. If you’re wondering why it took so long to discover this, I mean, it’s only been out since Chrome version…

Learning Japanese: My Lifelong Goal To Learn A Foreign Language

May 10th, 2017 Foreign Language, Japanese, Tools Kerry 4 min read

Language is hard. It’s always been a goal of mine to be bilingual. I took Spanish in middle school and high school and didn’t do so caliente. I tried my hand at Korean in college and hoped my genetics might help me out. Maybe I’m not actually Korean. I’ve stopped and started Duolingo more times than a car in city traffic. Either I’m stupidly persistent or…

TIL Arrow Function

Feb 9th, 2017 #TIL, JavaScript Kerry 2 min read

TIL that the arrow function introduced in ES6/2015 is NOT just short-hand for a normal function declaration. It uses lexical this scoping rather than the dynamic. Kyle Simpson argues in his excellent series You Don’t Know JavaScript that this was created in part because people misunderstand how this works and how to utilize bind. Take the following example:

The above function’s setTimeout call-site is the global scope. This…

TIL Hoisting

Feb 9th, 2017 #TIL, JavaScript Kerry 1 min read

Today’s nugget of information is brought to you by McDonald’s 6-piece Chicken McNuggets. Hoisting in JavaScript is when the compiler performs all declarations at the beginning of a scope. TIL that the following single line of code is interpreted by the compiler as two lines:

This is why functions created by variable assignments cannot be used prior to assignment unlike regular function declarations, i.e.

Inaugural TIL

Feb 7th, 2017 #TIL, JavaScript Kerry 1 min read

TIL stands for Today I Learned. Starting today, I’ll be posting daily about one thing I learned related to web/game development and engineering. My way of trying to aspire to freeCodeCamp’s #100DaysOfCode challenge. To kick things off, today I learned that in Javascript, if not in strict mode, making an assignment to an undeclared variable, no matter how nested the scope, will result in the variable being…

Trie Harder

Feb 4th, 2017 Data Structures & Algorithms, JavaScript Kerry 7 min read

Whether your resolution was to go to the gym three times a week or write a blog post once per week, they usually all end in the same: Broken. It’s not that I haven’t been coding or continuing to learn. I’ve done a lot of coding at work these days using Phaser and solving puzzles over at CodinGame and FreeCodeCamp. Writing doesn’t quite ignite my soul the…

Secret Santa With ReactJS: Part 2

Dec 31st, 2016 ReactJS, Tools Kerry 7 min read

In part 1 of my Christmas themed React series, I got to the point where people could be added to our list of participants. The goal for this post is to assign recipients to each person and display that information to the user. The algorithm we’ll employ will be nothing fancy and in a future post I might look to improve upon it. It probably…